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The essence of taste and highest quality caviar

Paying exceptional attention to detail and striving for perfection incessantly guarantees quality caviar. This is the essence of our approach.

Antonius Caviar is a Polish brand of the most desirable delicacy – caviar. We offer highest quality real caviar – extracted from sturgeon.

Connoisseurs of this legendary delicacy who choose Antonius Caviar can be absolutely sure that each tin contains highest quality caviar.

One of our most important principles is to always pay exceptional attention to every detail in breeding sturgeons, selecting and producing caviar, which translates into a repeatable high-quality final product. A guarantee of high quality is our priority as we want Antonius Caviar to seduce, satisfy gourmets and become a recognizable caviar brand in Poland and abroad.

Antonius Caviar is ideal for all gourmets who have a taste for exceptional delicacies. It’s ideal for chefs working for the best restaurants, mega yachts, and hotels, wishing to enrich their menus with exclusive delicacy for demanding customers and it’s also ideal for reception organizers.

Finally, our brand can be a revelation for those who seek unique culinary experiences. Caviar seduces gourmets around the world not only with its legend but also with its peculiar culture of tasting. Exclusive packaging and extraordinary caviar from mature sturgeon will satisfy demanding customers.

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